technical aspects

The group “Le Robinie RE” was founded in 1995 after a long and extensive experience of the partners in real estate. The first major accomplishment was the renovation of a residence in the hills of Cardana di Besozzo, respecting the environment, the architectural traditions of the place and with a very high build quality. These principles have accompanied the group throughout the years, evolving its approach to quality, the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, solar thermal energy and the recovery of rainwater; implementing innovations which entailed, energy efficiency, noise reduction, cost savings, the living comfort and maintenance over time of the value of the property purchased. The realization of the above said, the group “Le Robinie RE”, has proven to be successful because the company remained firmly on the market, maintaining its credibility and reliability with lenders, suppliers and customers.

Buying a home is, for all, one important and included “Le Robinie” are able to offer a refined architecture building built with the latest technology, which maintains its value over time, allows considerable savings on operating costs, guarantees high comfort and excellent quality of life.